Monday, January 11, 2010

Articles on Pico della Mirandola --Available Online!

Four excellent articles on Pico's Oration, Magic+Kabbalah by Brian Copenhaver
many more articles on Renaissance Magic by Copenhaver (some deal more with Pico, the above are the four most Pico-focused articles he has up there)

Negative view of Pico in Neoplatonism article from another Online Philosophy Encyclopedia
The Morality of Rhetoric in Pico's Oration -- a Master's thesis on Pico!
Wouter Hanegraaf "Sympathy or the Devil" (a few paragraphs on Pico from a master theorist of Western Esotericism)
link to a Google Books preview of Anthony Grafton "Commerce with the Classics" Pico section
Google Books preview of Species Intelligibilis by Leen Spruit which contains analysis of Pico's interpretation of Aristotle's De Anima--his views on soul, philosophy of mind, de anima, etc.
Theosophical article on Pico
Moshe Idel article on Alemanno, an important Jewish source for Pico
Study Questions on Heptaplus
Short article on Heptaplus
Walter Pater (Renaissance studies heavy) on Pico

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